Case Studies

The case studies below showcase how VanerumStelter has worked with customers from the education, work and healthcare sector to solve their unique challenges.

  • Resource-Center Higher Education Resource Center
  • optiplusbasisschool destartbann OptiPlus Basisschool De Startbann
  • educationalacademy Education Academy
  • daytondesk Ohio School District Instructor's Desk
  • ruleteachersdesk Integrated Instructor Desk
  • architect project workstation Architect Project WorkStation
  • techcart_electriclift Mobile Tech Cart w/ Integrated Lift
  • university lounge tables University Lounge Tables
  • childrens library Children's Initiative Circulation Desk
  • classroom lounge seating Innovative Lounge Seating and Space Configuration
  • community library Community Library Table & Carrel Solution
  • highschool circulationdesk Custom Circulation Desk
  • online academy lockers Online Academy Personal Storage Lockers
  • uofm Custom Metal Solution
  • coolee Integrated Computer Table
  • grps Flexible Teaching Station
  • csumblibrary Library Solution
  • toledolibrary Library Solution
  • portage2 Integrated Technology Solutions
  • goodwinlibrary Library & Classroom Solutions

  • bankmailsorter Investment Company Bank Sorter
  • autodealer Automotive Corporation Reception Station
  • airlinekidzone Airline Kid's Zone
  • pharmaceutical lockers Pharmaceutical Lockers
  • retail shelving Retail Shelving
  • googlescreen Flexible Screens
  • gap Retail Storage
  • urs Sustainable Workspace
  • sunrise Sustainable Bank
  • caryoil Custom Reception Station
  • veneerhoteltables Standing Height Table
  • credenza Custom Storage
  • mtv Custom Storage
  • ciscocab Sustainable Storage

  • childrenshospital Children's Hospital Medical Cart
  • plasmacenter Plasma Center Kiosk
  • collaborationhub Collaboration Table
  • hippa HIPPA Storage
  • rankenjorden Bedside Storage
  • phlebotomy Phlebotomy Chair
  • heartwoodlodge Assisted Living