Our Brand

Vanerum•Stelter is an organization dedicated to providing each customer with outstanding products and services for their interior environments. We bring to the table knowledge, creativity, innovation and passion with each and every encounter. Our goal is to enhance how people learn and work by making an efficient and effective connection between people, furniture and technology. This approach lives in the development and implementation of what we call i3 environments – environments that are interactive, environments that are integrated and environments that inspire.

Our Values
Bold Bold

Vanerum•Stelter employees are expected to make decisions and act on their own. They are empowered to take matters into their own hands and to solve customer problems. Smart decisions will be rewarded and employees that think on their feet are the individuals that will move ahead. We will set audacious goals and act confident, but not boastful, as we achieve these goals.

Community Community

We are not alone on this earth. We will be responsible for our neighbors and participate in the solution of problems in the areas that we have facilities. We will do this through the informed use of time, talent, and treasure. Keep in mind that our own team is part of the community in which we are focused. The first step is the respect of our own community. We start by treating each other with respect.

Design Design

All areas in which we are involved will have a sensitivity to design. Design is the combined consideration of look and feel, as well as the function of the product or service we are delivering. This includes product, facilities, collateral, and all aspects of our business regardless of whether the customer sees it or not!

Efficiency Efficiency

Time is limited. We must respect it and the deadlines of our customers. We will set end goals for finishing projects and time frames for getting back to our customers with the answer to their needs in an effective manner. Vanerum•Stelter will do this with a minimum of staff and expense. With “Bold” team members we will be prompt. Our team will be on time. It is part of respecting each other. We will have measures in place to tell us where we are.

Fiscal Fiscal

First things first. We need to be financially successful so that the needs of our community can be met. To do this, all Vanerum•Stelter employees must understand the drivers behind the financial success of our company, our dealers, and our customers. As we all remain successful we will continue to work together to solve the problems of the world. We will communicate our goals and compensation will be tied to performance.

Good Good

At our responsibilities, to each other, at home, and to our world. We will be skillful in the execution of our tasks, enjoyable (fun) to be around, and helpful to others. These words will have different meanings to each employee. That’s OK. Each person should understand the basic intent of these anchor words and then it is their responsibility to apply them as they make things happen at Vanerum•Stelter.